Our Story

LTR Sports started as an idea between Grand Valley cyclists. After travelling to races across the great State of Colorado as well as hosting races in Grand Junction, we saw more and more riders from the valley. There was a need for a shop with great brands, great service and quick turn around times. As it is said, the rest is history. LTR Sports officially opened in November 2010.

  Adam Sczech
A veteran of the bike industry since 2001.  During his tenure, Adam developed one of the world leading bicycle fit systems.  This allowed him to really enhance his knowledge of literally every bike in the world performing thousands of fits.  Adam is equally at home working with you on an entry level cruiser, or a high end tri bike.

Adam has been coaching since 2003, working with all types of endurance athletes.

Personally, he is a 2nd place finisher at U.S. National  TT, 2-time Michigan TT Champion, and has completed all common triathlon and Xterra distances.  Adam won his first triathlon as 300+ pound college football lineman, and since then dedicated himself to endurance sports.


  Nick Sontag loves to ride his bike! Nick has worked in the bike industry for over ten years and has extensive knowledge of all types of riding. Some of his favorite riding is the sweet single track that surrounds us in the wonderful Grand Valley. His goal is to get everyone on a bike they love. When he’s not biking you can find him teaching skiing, snowboarding and telemark all winter long at Aspen Highlands. That’s a photo of Nick and his wife Lauren.  Nick was 60 miles into the Leadville 100 at that point!  Way to go!

  Kristy Driver ... Girl with a passion for riding, Organizer, Bill Payer, Event Coordinator, Therapist, Interior Designer, Coach, Soigneur, you name it. In a successful team, there is always one person that is highly organized, and can do it all. That is Kristy.   

  Mike Driver ... Helping people achieve their goals is his passion. Whether racing, doing intervals on the monument, or just out for a cruise, there is nothing that can fill up the patience well as much as riding your bike. "Carbon is the essential life form.  It is also the essential bike ingredient".