Professional Bike Fitting

Professional Bike Fitting

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Professional Bike Fitting

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LTR Sports has welcomed Adam Sczech as our newest team member. Adam’s main passion is bicycle fitting on road, mountain, and triathlon bikes. Here is why you should look into a proper bike fit.

Would you buy a $5000 suit without a tailor taking your measurements, just letting him “eyeball” you and maybe measuring you inseam. That is the same letting a bike shop take your inseam and letting you spin around the parking lot. A proper fit is the most import aspect of riding a bicycle. Much like a suit, a bicycle can be adjusted and tailored to your exact measurements. A proper fit allows one to work efficiently and naturally with one’s bike. Everyone is shaped differently, which means bikes should be set up differently. A person that is 5’10” with 28” inseam fits a bike differently that a person that is 5’10” with a 32” inseam. Though both people are the same height, their body proportions are so different that they may need different frame sizes. To be comfortable on a bike can be the difference between a great day and a terrible day. Someone in a 40k TT that is in the most aero position possible but has to sit up every 10 minutes will lose to the person that has 150 more grams of drag but can hold the position the whole race. 

With the fits we do at LTR Sports, we start with a few basic body measurements in order to have an initial set up for the fit bike. This means we begin with a blank slate, we do not use your current or any real bike at the start of the fit. After the fit bike is setup to your measures we have you warm up for few minutes. This allows you to get a feel for the fit bike and get your blood flowing. If we started fitting before you are warmed it would make little sense since you would be warmed up during a ride. Then we start the fit, over the next hour or so we adjust your position on the bike to make you as comfortable and efficient as possible. We do this using some old school body position measures and a fancy little bit of software that allows us to objectively see how efficiently you make power through the pedal stroke. Once we get you as comfortable and efficient as possible we take the measurements off the fit bike and punch them into a little bit of proprietary software that lets us the geometry of your perfect bicycle. The program then lets us compare any bicycle in the world to your perfect bike. It determines what length/angle stem, seatpost height/setback, and other variables would be needed to make your bike (or bike you are interested in) as close to your perfect bike as possible.

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