Cyclocross riders are a special breed. Few have the skill or the nerves to endure the gauntlet they race through. It takes a special kind of bike to put up with that level of abuse and come out the victor on the other side. You can rely on Giant cyclocross bikes to do just that. Lightweight, rugged and nimble, a cyclocross bicycle is built for speed and control under any riding conditions.

Whether you’re looking for a cyclocross bike to turn into a daily commuting bike, or you need an ultralight carbon fiber race model for competition, LTR Sports has broad range of cyclocross bikes for sale. No matter what your individual needs are, we can get you set up with the perfect ride. We have a bike to suite any rider’s needs or budget. LTR sports is your source for quality bicycles for competition or every day riding.  

2013 Giant TCX 1 Medium/Large
2013 Giant TCX 1 Medium/Large
Regular Price: $1,850.00
On Sale For: $1,650.00